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Obituary of Isidor Steinhardt - in Bulgarian

8/ ?/1941 A Good Friend of Bulgaria Obituary for I. Steinhardt I do not speak Bulgarian. I speak Russian so this translation may not be completely accurate; it is based on my knowledge of Russian. I would love someone to help me translate it. On the 8 th of this month in Prague the famous Czech journalist I. Steinhardt passed  away. He was born in Pol Moravsko in 1873. I Steinhardt completed his education in journalism in Prague and Vienna. Around 1890 I. Steinhardt went to Sophia where he became the editor of the German language paper Bulgarski Trgovski Vestnik (Bulgarian Evening Trader) where he gained a reputation as an excellent journalist and cultural figure. He made a particularly strong impression with his  brilliant reviews of the National Theatre. His articles in the Bulgarian Evening Trader on national and cultural questions were widely read. As the correspondent of the English Daily Mail and the Viennes
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Stop the cruelty in Afghan schools

By Asad Karimi When I was in Afghanistan and I was six or seven years old I didn't like going to school. I hated it. I loathed it. I couldn't stand it. The teachers, all men, didn't help the students, they were not polite to them or nice to them in any way. On the contrary. I was feeling exited about going to school. My Mother and my family wanted me to go because they wanted me to learn something and to become a doctor or engineer. Ha! They spent their precious money and paid for my fees and for the books and for the uniform and they thought that the teachers would look after us. But I couldn't learn anything at school because of the violence of the teachers. They beat you with a long wooden pole when you were two minutes late. They beat you when you made a mistake. They proper hit you; on the stomach everywhere, and the teachers humiliated you in front of the class. You felt so embarrassed. While I was trying to write they hit me on my back. When I spoke alo

Elias Canetti quote from The Toungue Set Free

I believe that part of knowledge is its desire to show itself and its refusal to put up with merely a hidden existence…Knowledge radiates and wishes to expand everything along with itself. One ascribes the qualities of light to it… There is a small Herodotus in every young person who hears about hundreds of things, and it is important that no one should attempt to raise that person beyond that, by expecting restriction towards a profession…They wish to radiate knowledge as soon as it takes hold of them, so that it won’t become mere property for them. Tony Hall

Question to the Davos Forum

"Why don't you establish a set of ethical ground rules for the corporates to play by in any country they operate in and propose measures and sanctions for those multinationals that do not play by these rules?" I asked this question as a Guardian blogger to the Davos Forum Chairman, Jonathan Shmidt , and the reply was less than satisfactory. goog - sl & hl =en